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Meet Marcy.


Marcy Davidovics, LCSW, EFT has been in the mental health field for 20 years and is a focused and accessible psychotherapist who provides excellent outcomes and clarity for her clientele.

She is a graduate of NYU’s MSW program and is certified in EFT therapy (emotionally focused therapy for couples – a rigorous program based on attachment theory).

For 18 years, she was the Director of Mental Health at Yeshiva of Central Queens where she single-handedly created a successful MSW internship program and supervised over 70 graduate students in her sought-after placement program. 

Marcy is known for her warm and relatable personality which is fused with deep clinical experience.  She is skilled in her assessments and her follow through is outstanding.


In her many years of practice, Marcy has branched out professionally to provide therapeutic services in multiple areas including: individual and couples therapy, family systems, group work, case management, workshops and public speaking, and clinical supervision for those in the mental health field.


Most prominently, she has expanded her practice and is proud to have a wide range of experienced associates who provide meaningful and excellent interventions under Davidovics Therapy Group PLLC.  Her associates also provide cutting edge modalities, including, but not limited to: Somatic Interventions, EMDR, grief/loss work, IFS, psychodynamic, trauma, and many other evidence-based interventions.


Marcy is passionate and proud of her work. She has a strong presence in the observant Jewish community as well.  She feels deep passion about creating healthy family systems and shalom bayis in the frum community and for all of her clients. 


Marcy is an active member in JACS (substance abuse in the Jewish community), and in Nefesh (orthodox mental health professionals) and offers workshop presentations on varied topics. 


Marcy’s love of learning new concepts and ideas builds her knowledge base in order to help others grow.


Marcy is now certified in Neurobiology and trauma as well. 


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